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Hydro-power Energy, Go With The Flow


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Hydro-power is a form of renewable energy that uses the water stored in dams as well as flowing in rivers to create electricity in hydro-power plants. Just like other forms of electricity generation, hydro-power uses a turbine to help generate electricity, using the energy of falling or flowing water to turn the blades. The rotating blades spin a generator that converts the mechanical energy of the spinning turbine into electrical energy. The amount of electricity generated from each plant depends on the quantity of the flowing water and the height from which it falls.

Hydro-power is Eco-friendly:
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Hydro-power power is a clean source of energy. It contributes small amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, compared to fossil fuels; it is by far the cleanest. Utilizing hydro-power is shown to mitigate the emission of the levels of greenhouse gases that would typically occur from the equivalent of combusting 4.4 million barrels of petroleum each day across the globe. On top of that, hydro-power production doesn’t give off toxic by-products that would harm the environment

Hydro-power is Flexible:
Hydro-power has a vital benefit of being able to be accumulated. This means that it can be directed to meet variation in demand. If the demand for power goes out of the roof, more can be stored up for later use. Its flexibility is also manifested when looking at other renewable energy sources like wind and solar. These energy sources are only available at specific times like wind energy is only available when it’s windy. Solar energy is only available when the sun is shining. While water is constantly available and is used to cover for wind and solar when they are unavailable

Hydro-power is A Cheap Source of Energy:
Although the upfront costs of constructing and installing a hydro-power plant are high, once it’s functional, the costs relating to operation and maintenance become extremely low and since water used in generation of energy doesn’t need to be transformed or purified like other fossil-based sources of fuels. There is virtually no production costs linked to hydro-power. Finally, once hydro-power plants are up and running, they have insanely long lifespan. They can last between 50 to 100 years. It also seamlessly adaptable and can be easily upgraded to inject new technology


Disturbance of Habitat:
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The formation of large and huge dams destroys the living beings around them. Local life is disturbed as human can’t live in such a flooded area and plants are destroyed. People living nearby have to relocate

Breaking of Dams:
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Many dams which were built for industrial use or for mills are not now used and occupying a great space but they can’t be broken or removed as it would cause serious flooding. This would not only affect the humans but also many buildings and property

High Installation Costs:
Although the effective cost is zero but the manufacturing and building a dam and installation of the turbines are very costly due to many countries which do not employ this alternative source of energy. Its construction requires a lot of human capital and labour

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  1. The intake valve or penstock captures the flow of water and directs it towards the water turbine
  2. The water makes its way towards a series of curved blades which catch the force of the water as it passes through, causes the turbine to rotate. The force of gravity is what supplies the falling water with mechanical energy and the turbine blades are what absorb the energy as the water collides into them
  3. As the turbine generator rotates, an electric current is created and can eventually be converted into usable electricity
  4. As the water passes through the spinning turbine, it is forced to exit through the exit valve as new water continuously falls through the machine to support a continuous flow of water


  • Bridge the energy gap. Fossil fuels are increasingly becoming susceptible to extinction. Hydro-power , in conjunction with solar and wind power is seen as the hope when these fossil fuels are depleted. Also, when there is power shortage, hydro-power steps in to fill the slack
  • Electricity generation. Hydro-power is most preferred because it is relatively inexpensive and a less polluting power source. Although the construction of a hydro-power plant can have a little effect on the environment, it tops the charts in regard to better climate compatibility when compared to other energy sources
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Who needs oil when you have rain?
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