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#14 Secrets To Reduce Your School Electricity Bill

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“Don’t leave the lights/fans on. This is not your father’s school.”
“Did you pay for our school bill?”
Hurm, sounds familiar. I knew you’ve heard this before. I’ve heard this for million times. Why won’t you switch the lights or fans off? Is it really hard to flick the switch? Don’t leave this page until you read these helpful tips! 

1. Turn off lights when not in use. Lighting costs nearly 50% of the electric bill in most schools. There’s no reason to leave lights on if a room is empty for more than a minute. It’s not like ‘someone’ is studying in there.
2. Form a student energy patrol to ensure lights are out when rooms are empty like in classrooms, the cafeteria or the auditorium
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3. Have students make signs and stickers to remind people to turn off the lights when they leave a room
4. Put light switches where people can find it easily and operate them. Putting the switches in the hidden places doesn’t give you any advantage.
5. Remove unneeded light fixtures near windows especially in unused corners or along banks of windows
6. Use energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs
7. Have students calculate the energy savings achieved by replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFLs and changing incandescent lights in Exit Signs to light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs
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8. If your school computers have power-management features, make sure controls are set so they will go into ‘sleep’ mode when not in active use. Screen savers don’t save energy only the sleep mode does
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9. Students should turn off monitors that will not be used for the next class periods. All computer equipment should be turned off at the end of the day and on weekends, unless your network technicians specifically instruct otherwise
10. Form a student energy patrol to make sure monitors are off when computers are not in use and to turn computers off at the end of the day
11. Is your school purchasing new equipment? Save 50% on energy costs by using Energy Star computers, monitors, printers and other equipment. Have students calculate potential savings from the use of Energy Star equipment and present the results to school administrator. If your school purchases the equipment, make sure the Energy Star features are enabled.
12. Maintain appliances and replace old appliances
13. Have students use a watt meter to study how much electricity a device uses. This is useful in determining which appliances are out-dated and less efficient
14. Have students conduct a survey of the number of appliances in each classroom and encourage teachers to take away unneeded appliances

Make sure to involve the whole school in achieving a big and great success! Energy savings add up when the entire school joins together in conservation efforts. Schools with effective conservation programs have reported reductions of as much as 25% in utility bills. Publicize energy costs and savings. It lets people know how much it costs to power their school, this will make them see why it’s worth some extra efforts to avoid waste
Waste not. Wanna lot
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