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Boost Our Biodiversity, Use Bio-fuel


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Bio-fuel is a fuel that is produced through contemporary biological processes such as agriculture and anaerobic digestion. Bio-fuels can be derived directly from the plants or indirectly from agriculture, commercial, domestic or industrial wastes. Renewable bio-fuels generally involve contemporary carbon fixation such as those occur in plants or micro algae through process of photosynthesis.

Most of the fossil fuels will expire and end up in smoke soon. Since most of the sources like soy bean, corn, waste from crops and plant are renewable and quite possible to run out any time soon, making the use of bio-fuels efficient in nature. These crops or plants can be replanted again and again.

Lower Levels of Pollution:
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Since bio-fuels are renewable energy sources, they cause less pollution to our Earth. Bio-fuels release lower levels of carbon dioxide and other emissions when burnt compared to other fossil fuels like coal or gas.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases:
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Fossil fuels produce large amount of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere when they were burnt. These greenhouse gases will trap the sunlight and increase the temperature of our Earth and causes global warming. People around the world use bio-fuels to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases. Studies show that bio-fuels reduces greenhouse gases up to 65%


Amount of Water Used:
Large quantities of water are required to irrigate the bio-fuel crops and if it not managed wisely, it may effect on local and regional water resources. In order to produce plants based ethanol to meet local demand for bio-fuel; large quantities of water are consumed to put sustainable pressure on local water resources

Shortage of Food:
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Bio-fuels are extracted from plants and crops that have high levels of sugar in them. Most of these crops are also used as food crops. Bio-fuel might only need waste material from plants to be used as raw material but they still require food crops which will take up agriculture space from other crops. This will create many problems and will definitely put pressure on the current growth of crops. People worried that the growing use of bio-fuels may just mean a rise in food prices as well

Industrial Pollution: 
The carbon footprint of bio-fuels is less than the traditional forms of fuel when burnt. However, the process with which they are produced makes up for that. Production is largely dependent on lots of water and oil. Large scale industries meant for churning out bio-fuel are known to emit large amounts of emissions and cause small scale water pollution as well. Unless more efficient means of production are put into place, the overall carbon emission does not get a very big dent in it. Bio-fuel might reduce the pollution but it’s still polluting our Earth so it is not as green as we thought.


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produced from plants such as sugar cane or corn. Bio-ethanol is used as alternative to gasoline, for thermal combustion power generation and as feed stock in the chemical industry.

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produced from the fatty acids found in vegetable oils. Bio-fuel is used for railway usage, aircraft use, as heating oil and cleaning oil spills

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produced from the fermentation of organic matter. Bio-gas is used as cooking fuel, lighting fuel and automobile fuel (for short journeys).
Don't be fuelish! Use bio-fuel.
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  1. Bio fuel .. still waiting to make it real to our oil gas industry. So true its reduce pollution but how about the sources. Is it enough to supply to the industry? Anyway, this article good for reference for student.. good job.

    1. Here in Malaysia,we use palm oil as the main source of bio-fuel. It's produced domestically which helps our country to reduce dependency of oil import. And ya it's more than enough for the industries.

  2. dulu macam pernah belajar pasal ni, tapi sekarang ingat tak ingat huhu thnkyou for this article

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  6. Hahahah...biofuel is one of the famous fyp title for chemical engineering student like sad..there are a lot of studies regarding this in Malaysia..but stil they didn't make it for industrial scale. I always wonder why...

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  9. Kat Malaysia ni camana nak implement cara camni? Teknologi dah ada. Tunggu lah beberapa tahun lagi kot. Kan?

    1. Still in planning phase. Yerp,maybe in few years.

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