Saturday, 29 April 2017

#9 Things Nobody Tells You About Your Refrigerators And Freezers

1. Adjust the refrigerator temperature settings. Avoid placing your refrigerator on unreasonably low temperature settings. If the temperature control system doesn’t specify degrees, check the manual for corresponding settings
2. Minimize door openings as much as possible. Cool air escapes every time the refrigerator door is opened. This make it works harder to replace the air. Keep the door open no longer than necessary and be sure to close the door completely
3. Allow hot foods to cool before placing them in the refrigerator. Hot food decreases the temperature in the refrigerator temporarily forcing it to work harder to keep the air cool

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4. Keep the refrigerator full, a full refrigerator retains cold better than an empty one. If the refrigerator nearly empty, store water-filled containers inside. The mass of cold items will enable the refrigerator to recover more quickly after the door has been opened
5. Do not overfill your refrigerator or freezer since that will interfere with the circulation of cold air inside
6. Turn on the refrigerator’s “energy saver” switch. In damp environment make sure that excess condensation does not form on the inside of the refrigerator. If condensation forms, turn the “energy saver” switch off
7. Keep the refrigerator away from heat sources such as an oven, a stove  and direct sunlight from a window
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8. Check the door seals on the refrigerator. A broken seal is the same as leaving the door open. Replace the seals that are torn or partially missing. You can test it by closing the door on a sheet of paper and try to pull it out. It should be hard to pull it out. If it come out easily, you should replace the door seals to prevent cold air from leaking out
9. Avoid blocking the air flow passages to and from the condenser coils, cleaning the condenser will save energy and help the refrigerator to run better and more efficiently. The condenser coils should be cleaned once a year
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Energy misused can't be excused
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