Thursday, 8 June 2017

#7 Tips Your Boss Will Absolutely Love

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Let’s break down exactly how to reduce your office electricity bill. Keep reading! Don’t forget to show this article to your officemate.
1. Switch to laptops. They use 80% less energy than desktop models so businesses that trade in their desktops for laptops can see huge different in their bill.
2. Set all electronics on sleep modes. Most computers, fax machines and printers now offer ‘power save’ or ‘sleep mode’ settings by which they go into an energy-saving mode after a certain number of idle minutes. The energy-saving mode typically uses at least 70% less energy than full-power mode. Some office electronics now come with ‘power-save’ automatically enabled but some of you may have to set it manually. It’s worth checking all equipment because some of you might want sleep mode to kick in after 15 minutes or less
3. Shut all the computers or any other electronics device at night. It’s not like there’s ‘someone’ doing their work in the office at midnight. Many business owners don’t realize how this effect their bill
4. Most office equipment continues to draw a trickle of electricity from the outlet even when turned off. Consider purchasing power strips and attaching clusters of electronics that can be shut off at once to them. Then at night or when shutting down the office for the day, you just have to flick off the power strip to effectively ‘unplug’ everything at once
5. Consider purchasing a new and small refrigerator instead of big and second-hand refrigerator. I’ve seen plenty of small offices that think they are saving their money by purchasing an old refrigerator but these old models can cost more money than a newer model.  Post-2001 models of the same size cost less than that. Moreover, if you don’t need a big fridge in your office, consider getting a mini-refrigerator which cost less than the big one
6. The federal government is labeling programs to help consumers make energy-wise purchasing decisions. Many type of office electronics from printers to computers to fax machines can carry the Energy Star label which indicates they use at least 20% less energy than the standard model. Moreover, many Energy Star-qualified products automatically go into ‘power-save’ mode after a few minutes which mean it doesn’t need to be manually set
7. If your office is using any water cooler or coffee machine that keep water hot for 24 hours, consider purchasing a plug-in timer that allows you to program when these office mainstays are on and off. You can reduce the usage of electricity by only having the water cooler on when you’re open for business
Pull the plug and you'll feel the smug
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  1. I love this post because we all should learn easy ways to decrease our energy consumption. Creating a new habit takes 21 days so trying it for that length of time should yield great results!

  2. Great advice thank you. I use a lap top in my office so I am doing something right, yay!

  3. Thank you for writing this. I think is definitely worth while to note that it being environmentally friendly can have cost savings. I think one thing that really could be added here is how people are allowed to have those small fridges in their cubicles, when there are already fridges at work. Just doesn't make sense.

  4. The plug in timer is a great idea. But I don't know about suggesting it at my job...we're a little behind the times here lol