Friday, 16 June 2017

Why We Should Be More Energy Efficient? (1/2)

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Construction of Fewer Power Plants:
Although most of us view construction of power plants as a bright prospect, they greatly impact our environment. Firstly, they are unsightly which means they interfere with the natural aesthetic value of the scenery. Secondly, they pollute the sound since they generate a lot of noise during electricity production. Thirdly, they are hazardous since the fumes produced by the power plant can cause respiratory diseases if we inhale it over time. Also, installation of wind energy systems like turbines is disadvantageous as they kill local bird species that fly into them. Conservation of energy will mean adequate supply, alleviating the need to construct new power plants or install new turbines.
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Improves Human Health:
Pollution from energy resources like coal and natural can cause a huge range of severe medical compilations like asthma and lung cancer. This brings about unnecessary suffering and extraordinary medical costs. Conservation of energy ensures less carbon footprint, hence, fewer cases of respiratory diseases.
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Reduces Global Warming:
A big percentage of the energy we consume today emanates from fossil fuels. Refining these fossil fuels into useful energy like gasoline for cars or electricity for home applications requires emission of vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the main contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming. The impacts of global warming are apparent these days including changing weather patterns, increase in atmospheric temperature, rising sea levels which threaten to submerge some islands and proliferation of deadly diseases like cancer. Energy conservation minimizes the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere there by lowering the possibility of global warming.
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Ensure Constant Safe Water Supply:
Water conservation is critical to the future sustenance of life. Water is a vital element and makes up 2/3 of the surfaces of our Earth. Water should not be only be conserved but also needs to be clean and free from pollution for the bio-systems to work properly. It requires massive amounts of water for hydropower plants to generate energy. The more energy is conserved, the less amount of water is needed for this process.  
Save energy. Save life
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