Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Why We Should Be More Energy Efficient? (2/2)

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Positive Impact in Society:
You may think that conserving energy is only for yourself and will go unnoticed. The truth is when your neighbours realize your low monthly utility bills, they will be curious to know what steps you are taking. They will want reduce their overall utility bills as well so that they will follow your example. When this chain continues, more people in the community will be involved in energy conservation which is good for the future of our community.
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Gives Researchers More Time to Formula Solutions and Alternatives:
Energy conservation gives researchers more time to go into deep research, which takes years to establish solutions and alternatives to energy sources that are projected to deplete. While fossil fuels are projected to deplete, prudent use of energy will allow fossil fuels to last long enough for substantial solutions to be discovered  

Reduces Habitat Destruction:
Conserving energy without a doubt will assist to reduce habitat destruction. The fossil fuels extracted to produces power originate from somewhere and that somewhere is a home for certain animal and plant species. Mining in these habitats leads to transfer of wildlife and human populations. Some mines even involve clearing large chunks of forests which is natural home for wildlife.
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Personal Benefits:
The personal benefits of conserving energy involve your own body. You can reduce the use of fossil fuels by cycling instead of driving your car or reducing the use of energy-intensive cleaning appliances. Cycling means exercising more and this enhances your fitness level, hence, keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay. Exercising also makes you feel and look better.
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Enhances The Value of Your Home:
Most people buy homes in anticipation of selling later at a profit. One way of beefing up the value of your home is installing water conservation systems like solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems and installing water saving toilet and shower. Aside from saving your money at the end of the month,  it will be attractive to prospective home buyers, leading to quick sale when you decide to put it on the market.
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A Clean Future for Your Kids:
We all want our children and grandchildren to grow up healthy. This is only possible with a clean environment. If we want a better environment for our children and grandchildren then minimizing global warming by conserving energy is the best way. 
Live green. Save green
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