Monday, 17 April 2017

#12 Most Effective Ways To Wash Like An Expert

1. Set your water heater to a lower setting or call a service person to adjust it for you
2. Run your dishwasher without the “drying circle” and just let dishes drip dry
3. To reduce the amount of dishes to wash, label the bottom of cups and mugs with family member’s names
4. Reduce the amount of towels to wash by labeling towels or hooks
5. Do full loads when you use washing machines and dishwashers
6. Choose cold or warm cycles over hot cycle because heating the water for laundry consumes 90% of the energy of the laundry process, you are likely to need warmer temperatures for particularly dirty clothes, bad stains or underwear
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7. Soak heavily soiled items before washing and rub collars or other stains with household soap. These are better than having to repeat the wash because stains didn’t come out
8. If you do washes frequently because you haven’t got enough particular type clothes, then it is not a bad idea to invest in a few more clothes
9. Bath sheets are typically heavyweight cotton and excessively large, so consider choosing standard lightweight bath towels to save on energy
10. Use a high spin speed so clothes come out of the washing machine almost dry, with little need for tumble drying. The best way to dry the clothes is hang your clothes up rather than using a drier
11. Skip the pre-rinse. Most dishwashers today are powerful enough to get all the gunk off, so a lot of pre-rinsing by hand is often just a waste of water and time. Plus, if you rinse all of the dirt off, your dishwasher will have nothing to wash when you throw those dishes in
12. Turn down the heat, most modern dishwasher have booster heaters to heat the water that comes from your home’s water tank. Sound pretty useless, right? Turn the water heater down tank’s thermostat down in additional energy savings without compromising on cleanliness

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