Thursday, 13 April 2017

#10 Terrific Tips To Cool Your Home


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As Malaysian,we have been told to brace ourselves for extremely hot weather almost every day in a year especially in March. Almost every Malaysian wished they can live in cold countries like Russia,Canada or Greenland including me! I wish Malaysia had same weather as Finland or Mongolia,how cool is that but sadly it is impossible. We can't move our country to a colder land but we can do something to reduce the heat. Today's article is about how to cool your home in most energy-efficient way. Check it out!
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1. Change and clean your air-conditioner filters regularly to keep the systems running smoothly and efficiently
2. Dust can restrict airflow and stress the system. Filters can be washable or disposable. Measure the existing filter to make sure to buy a filter that fits properly. It is best to keep several filters on hand as replacements in your house.
3. Instead of disposing of a dirty air-conditioner filter, you should vacuum it once per month and spray it with any product that can restore the dust-catching ability of the filters so you can reuse the filter twice or more
4. Rearrange your furniture. Furniture that obstructs air-conditioning vents means you could be cooling the back of a chair or the bottom side of your sofa and although it might appreciate the thought, we’re pretty sure you’d rather have that chill for you instead. There are plastic pieces you can buy for your vents to help force air in the right direction but the easiest way is to just rearrange your furniture

5. Install window film for windows that you don’t open often
6. Plant deciduous trees outside windows on the south side of your house to provide shade
7. Install ceiling fans to improve the efficiency of your cooling systems
8. Make sure draperies, furniture or rugs do not block vents. These vents should also be cleaned regularly with a vacuum or broom
9. If you aren't into cooling your whole home, try using a portable unit to cool just the area you’ll be working in. They use up to 50% less energy than a larger central air unit would to cool off the same space
10. During the night, you don’t require the same level of conscious cool. Try turning your air-condition down so it’s running less during your sleep hours or utilize the “sleep mode” which lowers the output on a timer

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If not in use. Turn off the juice!
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