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The Real Truths About Biomass Energy


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I would like to wish all Muslims around the world Ramadan Al-Mubarak. May the spirit of Ramadan illuminate the world and show us the way to peace and harmony. Ramadan is not just about fasting. It is also a time for spiritual reflection and devoting ourselves to worship and pray to Allah. Okay, back to our article for today.

Biomass contains stored energy. Plants absorb energy from the sun through the process of photosynthesis. When biomass is burned, the stored energy is released as heat. Burning biomass releases carbon dioxide. However, plants also take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and use it to perform the process of photosynthesis. The same carbon dioxide is returned to the air when the plants are burned. Some type of biomass can be converted into liquid fuels called bio-fuels that can power cars. Leftover food products like vegetable oils and animal fats can create bio-diesel while other plants such as corns and sugarcane can be fermented to produce ethanol.

Biomass is A Renewable Form of Energy :
Biomass energy is considered renewable form energy because the organic materials used to produce it are never-ending. The organic materials including garbage, crop waste, sewage sludge and wood are continually produced by society

Widely Available:
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Just like sun and wind energy, biomass energy sources are bountiful in supply. You can find them virtually in every nook and cranny of the world. The fact that it’s bountiful in supply means that we never encounter problems that we are presently experiencing with fossil-based sources of fuel. Nonetheless, it’s vital that we maintain the abundance of this natural resource by being responsible in its use

Reduces Amount of Waste In Landfills:
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Most waste produced in homes either plant matter or biodegradable. This kind of waste can be channelled to move profitable use. Biomass energy generation utilizes any waste that would have otherwise found way into landfills. This minimizes the impacts of waste in landfills to the environment. This impact may be compounded by contamination of local habitats and destruction of wildlife ecosystem. Minimize the waste mean reduction of land intended for landfills, hence more space for human habitats


Biomass is Not Entirely Clean:
Using animal and human waste to power engines may save on carbon dioxide emissions but it increases methane gases, which are also harmful to the Earth’s ozone layer.

Increases The Risk of Deforestation:
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Biomass energy sources are renewable but they have to be utilized sustainably. Uncontrolled biomass production can result deforestation. If deforestation is allowed to happen, scores of animal and bird species would be rendered homeless. In fact, this is the main reason for slowing down the large scale use of biomass fuel. Government feel replanting efforts may not match the rate of cutting down of trees

Inefficient As Compared to Fossil Fuels:
Despite the fact that biomass energy is natural in many ways, it doesn’t get close to fossil fuels in regards to efficiency. In fact, some renewable sources like biofuels are fortified with fossil fuels to increase their efficiency

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  1. Energy from the sun is transferred and stored in plants in the form of chemical energy. When the plants are cut or die, wood chips, straw and other plant matter is delivered to biogas plant
  2. When biomass is burnt, it releases energy in the form of heat. If you happen to have a fireplace in your home, then you are already taking part in the utilization of biomass because burning wood is a form of biomass fuel
  3. The biomass plants burn wood or other forms of waste generate steam
  4. The energy from the steam is directed via pipes to run turbines
  5. The steam rises up to run turbines that eventually produce electricity or generate heat for homes and industries


  • Burning wood, animal waste like sugar can, fruit pits and garbage. Garbage is used in many cities to produce electricity
  • Fermentation. Energy is produced by adding yeast to biomass materials like wheat, corn, grapes and other agriculture crops to produce an alcohol called ethanol which can be used in place of gasoline to power cars or mixed with gasoline to produce a fuel called gasohol
  • Conversion. Energy is produced by converting biomass into gas and liquid fuels. By adding heat or chemicals to the biomass, a fuel is produced that can be burned to produce electricity
  • Natural bacteria feed on dead and decaying plants and animals. As they decay, it produces a gas called methane. Methane is odourless, colourless and very rich in energy. It can be burned to produce electricity and heat
Go green and change waste into energy
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